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It is with great respect & deep sorrow that we write to let you know the passing of our matriarch and owner of

The Papermill Creek Saloon, Thomasina Wilson.

We cannot begin to express how thankful we are for her continuous strives to keep the Saloon a thriving hub & meeting place for all in San Geronimo Valley and beyond.

  If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Thomasina, you knew that behind her good nature and spunky demeanor, there was also a no-nonsense powerhouse of a woman.  She was "The Boss",  in every sense of the meaning.  She had to be.  It took a lot of tenacity and fortitude to open a saloon in a small community in 1969.

   We believe that all of her efforts resulted in making our little community closer, more inviting and a gateway to handshakes, hugs and all of those great moments we've been missing during this pandemic.  We think it is safe to say, that it will be a long time, if ever- that we will forget her beautiful smile.

 Thank you, Thomasina, for creating not just a space for us to meet but for creating connections & memories.

We will be raising our glasses in your honor upon reopening, hopefully by late Spring 2021 or when it is safe for us to do so. 

 Papermill Strong.  Thank you for being fearless Thomasina. RIP:  11/10/1924- 1/20/2021 

1 Castro Street

Forest Knolls, Ca 94933

(415) 488-9235

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West Marin saloon nurturing

a new live music scene

Photo Credit - Joe Schell

Photo Credit - Silvana Difranco

Photo Credit - Silvana Difranco

Photo Credit - Silvana Difranco

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